Catalogue published

In the meantime the catalogue of thet hrilling exhibition project zwischenraumzwischenzeit of the network "Starke Orte - Künstlerverbände Ruhr" (great places)  has been published.

48 pages present 35 installations with many photographs.

Format 28x21 cm.


Some copies are ready. It is possible to arrange a change of ownership (in exchange of 5 € or a more interesting service in return) via the Contact.



Wolfram Lakaszus


Your money or your life

In 2014 the prolific cooperation with the Israeli-Italian choreographer team Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino will continue.

Two productions are in the pipeline.

In the beginning of March we take part in the 35. Duisburger Akzenten with our Projekt NON-PLACE and for August we will develop a production for a specific place in Krefeld.