Teleport - Komische Dinger von Irgendwo

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The non-place becomes a place in Schwerte ...

... but before the builders roll up, the coarse hall becomes the setting of an exhibition tailored to the raw shape of the hall, a last time.


Teleportation means the shift of physical objects across any distance. The media artist Wolfram Lakaszus deals successfully with the various methods of teleportation since many years.

Up to date Wolfram Lakaszus used his teleportation machines only for "getting" objects. The risks seemed to high to transfer living creatures by that way.

Confirmed by the recent results of quantum research the artist works on a machine  to teleport human beings, within these days before the opening of the exhibition.

If the first experiments on himself will be successful, this machine will be presented in the course of the exhibition in Schwerte.

March 23, 2002 » 17 o'clock
Rohrmeisterei Schwerte
Ruhrstraße 20
58239 Schwerte