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The multi-functionality of the waterway Brussels-Willebroek is the central topic of the project WEGVANWATER which will built a bridge to the past and to the future:
- Industrial past, primarily that one of the fibre concrete asbestos cement
- leisure time: the various forms of the relaxation at and an the channel
- water losing importance as transport route
- nature: in the and along the channel
- the relation network culture, nature and environment

Besides the art exhibition the programme between April and November 2013 also contains information evenings, workshops, a new cycle track and other touristly interesting impulses.

Sonic Transfer is a contribution to the art exhibition, taking place at several places in Vilvoorde and Kapelle-op-den-Bos.

Sonic Transfer consists of the two steel sculptures Securis et Malleus.

Securis et Malleus are separated through the channel far away from each other at two places, however, they are connected in a mysterious way.

If somebody touches Securis, Malleus gets it.

sponsored by

Province of Flämisch-Brabant

September 29, 2013 » 14 o'clock
CC Het Bolwerk
Bolwerkstraat 17
1800 Vilvoorde
September 07, 2013 » 20 o'clock
CC Het Bolwerk
Bolwerkstraat 17
1800 Vilvoorde