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Little by little Lakaszus et Kocijan develop their own linguistic (and technical) instrument, which serves as a basis  for their projects.

Initial point are at first two different working "interaction schemes" of typical installations from Wolfram Lakaszus:
An interactive zone, which reacts with sounds and changes of light on the movements of the performer and a body sensor, which has influence on the sounds and light, remote-controlled by the heart rhythm of the perfomer.

In the context of the work in Ennepetal it is Kocijan and Lakaszus above all about the enlargement of their bases. 

Later - utilising the acquired knowledge, both work very site-specific. Than the site itsself, its history, its user and its use are involved conceptually. The installations (physical architecture, sound, light) as well as the perfomances are always also statements of the artists to the situations found in each case.

Visitors are welcome. Both artists are interested in the perceptions of the visitors and will temporarily give the entuthiasts the opportunity to try it.

Working hours in the store: Everyday 12 to 6 p.m.

colleagues involved

Adriana Kocijan

April 19, 2014 » 12 o'clock
April 24, 2014 » 18 o'clock
Lokal-Kunst - KunstraumEN
Berninghauser Str. 2
58256 Ennepetal