Krenzer Hammer

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The Krenzer Hammer is a historical tool factory in the valley of the Ennepe.

The last still producing open-die forging in Ennepetal. The manufacturing facilities, which are used today, are almost 100 years old and still in function.

Twelve artists from Belgium, Germany and Norway have been inspired by this scenic idyllic place with its archaic machines.

Alongside the exhibition, a varied program for young and old is offered as part of the anniversary celebration.

colleagues involved

Andrea Hüsken (D), Doris Hommes (D), Anne-Rose Stumpf (N), Heike Schemmann (D), Johann-Peter Müller-Ante (D), Peter Amann (D), Pierre Bogaerts (B), Myriam Bruls (B), Natacha Dimovska (B), Timothy C. Vincent (D), Werner Kollhoff (D), Wolfram Lakaszus (D)

May 24, 2014 » 11 o'clock
May 25, 2014 » 16.30 o'clock

Sa./Su. 11 am - 4h30 pm
Krenzer Hammer
Peddenöde 5
58256 Ennepetal