Lichte Momente 2011

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Supposed to be a contrast or supplement programme to the Christmas fair, "Lichte Momente 2011" deals not striking with the subjects of the Advent season, but generally with the human perception. How do we react on unusual situations? Which influences exert media and technic on us?

The observer will be confronted ironically and humorously with his own criticism on the art shown.

This time differently than in the year before, the passer-by  becomes part of the art, is able to interact and influence the shown. Who gets involved with the confrontation, gets with it the possibility to take absolutely individually a stand to the shown. Often moved with joke into another light, the absurdity of everyday life will be illustrated.

The interactive installations Comic and Semaphora from Wolfram Lakaszus are present.

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Landschaftsverband Osnabrücker Land e.V., Interessengemeinschaft Heger-Tor-Viertel, Stadt Osnabrück, Spiekermann & Co. AG, Freunde der Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche Osnabrück e.V., Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Galerie écart