Tonzone 1 @ Platzhirsch

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The Duisburg gallery JetzamDellplatz has removed her branch office in Goldstraße 4 for the festival.

However, in the middle of the shop there still lies a square wooden board. Is it an element of a piece of furniture forgotten during the move?

At first sight the room seems to be empty - but a hint at the entrance refers to an exhibit.

Had the exhibit been forgotten? Did it not finish on time? Or should this board possibly be a piece of art?

Only the really disrespectful visitor will discover the fourth dimension of the board. The sound.

Wolfram Lakaszus installed a small interactive zone.

Getting into it, a row arises in the store and the visitor soon discovers, that he is able to control the row himself. Dancing he generates music with the body instead of dancing to the music as is customary.

Tonzone is part of the project FeedbackLoops of Wolfram Lakaszus and Adriana Kocijan.


colleagues involved

Elisa Marshall & Dárwin Diaz Kanako Minami Fátima Gomes Adriana Kocijan

August 22, 2014 » 18 o'clock
August 24, 2014 » 15 o'clock
Ladenlokal der Galerie JetztamDellplatz
Goldstr. 4