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It has been in the air for a while. Now the lot gave the determining impulse:

Angela Schilling ans Wolfram Lakaszus  finally, stepped up to each other and proceeded on an expedition by both exhibits collections, material collections and idea collections. 

Countless workpieces, semi-finished products, devices, devotional objects and fetishes of all kind as well as sketches on paper and in the computer were examined, considered, rejected again, sorted and prioritised. 

At the end of the inspection the both agreed to a set of, for Schilling,  very valuable zinc plate and a very rare long weapon, also from the possesion of Schilling.

Schilling was sure that in the zinc plates  - for the brief look five externally seeming rather dispensable exhibits of traditional drawing rooms - messages were enclosed which should be extracted.

The extensive instruments and equipment in the laboratory of her colleague Lakaszus promised in addition the best chances of success.

And really: Finally, after all kinds of - every now and then more risky - tests and experiments, one succeeded in developing a special procedure, with whose help the messages freed themselves from the plates. 

The electro-ephemeral procedure uses the subtle energy of the Aurae of the plates and the recipients.


Therefore, Schilling and Lakaszus present their common work Paraphernalia Loquuntur within the scope of Rookies.

The long weapon and five speaking zinc plates will be shown.

Depending on the intensity of the aura of the person, an approach with the hand on few centimeters to one of the plates is enough, that the extractors developed by Lakaszus discover the texts and pass them on to an output device.

The texts are reproduced in very good quality linguistically.

It turned out that not all messages of the plates are equally comprehensible concerning the contents. However, Schilling and Lakaszus are proud of their first results.

Both await a continuation of the cooperation, therefore, with confidence.

colleagues involved

Tatiana Carneiro dos Reis - Gabi Moll Sabine Hey - Christian Gode Silvia Szlapka - Verena Franzke Dagmar Witt - Uwe Siemens Marion Stephan - Lisa Lyskava Wolfram Lakaszus - Angela von Schilling Thomas Bocian - Henning Dahlhaus Vernissage: Begrüßung: Solmund Rita Schnell Einführung: Claudia Rinke

March 29, 2015 » 16 o'clock
WAZ Redaktion
Hüller Str. 7
44866 Bochum
March 14, 2015 » 17 o'clock
March 29, 2015 » 20 o'clock
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March 13, 2015 » 19 o'clock
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