SLFK II - Spiritus Lwa und die Spelunkengeister

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The venue `Harmonie´ is located amidst a former red-light district in Duisburg. The district closed with the transformation of the inland shipping.

Nowadays, the creative industry is settling down in this area and international investors speculate about their newly acquired properties.

The `Harmonie´, which used to be an ice cream cafe in posession of the church, is still an ambivalent place. It appears to be one of the last dim places in the Ruhr area. Dark figures come together to legally consume drugs, listen to blaring music and to watch the bizarre events on stage.

Along with:

Adriana Kocijan as Spiritus Lwa
Wolfram Lakaszus on the `Kontraschaf´ and the `Kirschenbrett´
Wolfgang van Ackeren on the Keyboard

colleagues involved

Ido Iurgel, Adriana Kocijan and Wolfgang van Ackeren.

sponsored by

Ministry of Family, Children & Youth, Culture and Sports of North Rhine-Westphalia, University of Rhein-Waal, Sparkassen Cultural Foundation of Rheinland, Association of the University Rhein-Waal e.V., City Library Kamp-Lintfort, Sparkasse Duisburg, mediaDEVICE Duisburg, Lokal Harmonie e.V. Duisburg

April 29, 2016 » 20 o'clock
Lokal Harmonie
Harmoniestr. 41
47119 Duisburg