12 Räume

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Instead of choosing one of the twelve rooms of the building, Wolfram Lakaszus discovered the basement and one room in the attic for himself.

Both locations are already pieces of art as such according to Wolfram Lakaszus.

The careful light and sound installation in the cellar direct attention to its dampy-cold atmosphere. The installation invites for a pause and meditation.

The roof of the dignified buiding reveals that it is close to a modernisation. The plaster flakes of the ceiling onto the coarse hallway, giving it a hairy coat.

Wolfram Lakaszus installed interactive sound installations which were part of the project SKLK Vol. II Res. 5.

colleagues involved

Maria Bemelmans (NL), Pierre Bogaerts (BE), Reinhard Dedecek, Natascha Dimovska (BE), Myriam Bruels (BE), Agnieszka Henkes, Stefanie Hogrebe, Andrea Hüsken, Beate John, Werner Kollhoff, Wolfram Lakaszus, Elke Schlieper, Michael Schlioeper, Claudia Westermann, Wolfgang Zachow, Verena Baltes, Harald Becker, Alain Bisson (FR), Guido Hense, Doris Hommes, Tartmut Koch, Christine Laprell, Nuri Irak, K. Roth & M. Höller-Schlieper, Ulrike Rutschmann, Rosie Wolf-Laberenz

June 03, 2016 » 19 o'clock
Kontorgebäude der ehem. Bönnhoff-Gießerei
Kaiserstr. 50
58300 Wetter