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The first version of an Orgon collector.

In a wobbly wire globe two paper hoods steadily rotate and capture positive orgon rays.

A kinetic joint venture, visible over a long distance, with the colleagues Birgit Breer and Britta Rost - on the occasion of "ExtraSchicht" - Nacht der Industriekultur (night of the industrial culture), 31.08./01.09.2002.

Installed on a storage container on the area of the Rohrmeisterei (pipe production) in Schwerte.


Height about 7 m, ø 2 m
Steel pipe
Light chains
Paper hoods
Electric motor
Stage light


“ExtraSchicht” - Nacht der Industriekultur, 31.8./1.9.2002

colleagues involved

Birgit Breer, Schwerte
Britta Rost, Schwerte