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The recreation area of the town Ennepetal - the valley of the river Hülsenbecke.

The venue of the Nature Art 2005.


A cosy place on the edge of the wood invites us - my colleague Ortmann and me - to take part ...

... but the cosy place , which invited us to arrange it more cosy with an ephemeral installation of leaves and grass, was refused to take part by the organizers, curators and the environmentally responsibleh.

No begging, no pleading, no argueing helped. My colleague Ortman and I gave up.


Now that my colleague Ortmann and I were already in the beautiful nature, we did, what rich people just do in the beautiful nature:

We chose the most beautiful site at the see and privatized it.


One almost could be tempted to say that it has been an unbelievable coincidence, that our Schönsteprivatplatzamsee (mostbeautifulprivateplaceatthelake) opening ceremony happened at the same day and at the same time like the vernissage of the Nature Art 2005 at the exhibition grounds surprisingly directly neighbouring.


So it happened, that the procession of curious art lovers strolled and desired admission also to our most beautiful private place at the lake.

Unfortunately we had to reject all unimportant people and everyone who couldn't show a personal invitation.

From a safe distance, the unimportant people and everyone who couldn't show a personal invitation watched us as we ate all the delicacies of the buffet and the bar and as we joked, parleyed and enjoyed ourselves in a variety of ways with the important people and everyone who could show a personal invitation.


Nature Art, Ennepetal 2005

colleagues involved

Monika Ortmann, Bochum