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Passage (II)

A gallery on the edge of the center of Essen.

Divided above by an arcade.
Connected below in the cellar by an arcade.


A pulse gives  the cellar.his  rhythm.

Light-bands lead the visitor.

The spherical sounds of my colleague Serge Corteyn escort the passer-by on his passage through the cellar of the arcade.

The passer-by learns quickly that his going influences the sounds.
Small passer-by explore the effects of running and running to and fro.

At the wayside are soft plants of copper and wood as high as a man. Heads like this one of flowers.

Aiming at the flowers with the little lent remote controls, these are answering with a funny song.


Part of the cooperative exhibition versus (2005) with my colleague Ulla Kalkowsky.


versus, 2005

colleagues involved

Serge Corteyn