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Concrete Pong

It is the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (long night of sciences) anno 2011.

Those who are thirsty für education are swarming, individually and in groups, through the hallowed halls of science.

One of the usual information desks turns out to be a gaming desk.

The game played is the forefather of the video games: Pong.

But not directly. The console, originated in the 70s, is not being touched by the players. A tele-system - a form of a robot - operates the paddles of the console.

The actuators of the robot receive their commands via two concrete steles.
The heads of the steles are pressure-sensitive.

If the operator is pressing from top, the "racket" appears from the bottom at the screen.
If the operator is pressing too hard, the racket disappears at the top of the screen.

The tele-system demands great skills to come through the game.


Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Berlin 2011

colleagues involved

TU Berlin
Institut für Bauingenieurwesen - Massivbau
Wilfried Walkowiak