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Teleport Schwerte

The Teleport Schwerte is a forward-looking prototype of traveling.

It represents an important milestone of the research and development efforts for a better future of our earth.

The Teleport consists of two components:
The journey cell and the power unit.
Both must be available at the respective start and target location of the journey planned.

We start out from a phase model in the prototypical scenario as in the case ot the introduction of the telephone.
1. Public journey cells. Journey connection by operator service.
2. Public journey cells. Journey connection by dial system.
3. Portable shoulder journey equipments (dial system)
4. Small mobile journey equipments in pocket size (Reisy (=travely)).


  • comfortable
    (the journey cells can already be arranged barrier freely)
  • very fast
    (the time for travelling is distance independently and is approx. 2 sec.)
  • almost CO2-neutral
    (the raw material used is a natural product and can be recycled with usual meditation techniques to 100 %)
  • decentralized
    (journey cells can be installed at every street corner, the later established Reisys can be carried with comfortably)
  • socially compatible
    (inobtrusive infrastructure, therefore there is not expected resistance of citizens in rage)
  • controllable
    (no risk by wrongly qualified project managers like politicians or former top managers to be placed in)

Because of a missing public support, unfortunately, research on this extremely promising form of journey had to be stopped in the early summer 2002.

Therefore the maximum journey distance reached until now just 12 m.


Teleportation by Lakaszus

Approach and history:

The method used here for the teleportation follows not the currently current approach of the quantum entanglemant but that one of the classic astral distant working mechanisms.

The emergence of objects and also of sometimes unknown material seeming inexplicable is called "materialisation" (latin: become substantial). This phenomenon often is related to poltergeist appearances and so-called "seances".

There are reports, that objects like crosses, nails, coins, etc.can materialise at seances perhaps by the high concentration connected with it.

Something which also very frequently appears is a very controversial substance called "ectoplasm" (Greek: ektos - to the outside, plasma - substance, also bio-plasm) in the parapsychology. This is a strange, witish substance which appears in often veil-like form but also can form known things, like hands, feet etc.. These parts of the body shall be the limbs of deceaseds. Ectoplasm forms at the body of the medium, such as at the mouth or at the nose, mostly. Some even reported of "living" creatures who have appeared. So veil-like shapes which have stridden around hall have materialised.

Naturally there had been scientific examinations of this appearances. The scientists exposed so many swindlers who, however, acted very skillfully. There also had been experiments by covering the medium with a cloth or something similar. Ectoplasm nevertheless formed, however.

A further very interesting phenomenon connected with the materialisation is the "teleportation". The "Trekkies" will know this from Star Trek. It is (in our case) the inexplicable overcoming of room.

The particapants of a seance for example tried to teleport a block of pyrite which was in the house of a participant into the room. At first glance this seemed to have failed. But when the light was switched on, the complete floor was covered with a layer of pyrite dust. Arrived at home the said participant checked his pyrite - and indeed: The block had visibly lost size!

In some cases shall have happened human teleportation. There are reports of persons who claim to have been at another place "suddenly".

So there is the strange case of an Argentine businessman from the year 1959. He was in a hotel in Bahia Blanca. He just wanted to begin his journey home - the engine already started - when he suddenly noticed a "strange cloud" approaching him. Then he fainted. When he woke up again, he didn't trust his eyes: He suddenly was on a country road! A truck driver picked him up, it turned out that he was nearby Salta, 1500 km away! His car still stood with started engine in front of the hotel. He was assured that he had disappeared there only few minutes ago!

There are many of those teleportation reports. The room is practically overcome - immediately - in zero time. In addition, the weird "clouds" are in connection with this and also other phenomena. When it comes to the disappearance of persons or to reality changes, these clouds are involved.

Teleport in Schwerte:

The equipment introduced here is the first construction which, at all, produces reproducable results with a maximum distance of more than 5 meters. It bases on the mentioned principles, i. e. a combination of pressed pyrite (compare Ziesemeyer et. al.) and deuterium loaded astrally (consecrated) (compare Mühlegg et. al.).

First tests of the equipment went disappointing (test beginning: 1-3-2002): Even little experimental animals couldn't be reconstructed satisfactorily on the retransfer as the following pictures show:

With an increase of the plasm energy inside the pyrite accompanied with the stabilization of the ectoplasm in the transponder chamber, the results improved promptly. This you can experience live in the Rohrmeisterei.

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in addition: Internet


Sound of the teleportation machine: Teleportationsmaschinenklang


Teleport 2003

colleagues involved

Serge Corteyn (Musiker, Sounddesigner, Bochum)
Dr. Thomas Bergener (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Johann Edelbrunner (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Kay Ostermann (Lobotec GmbH, Witten)
Jörg Rost (ROSTCREW Veranstaltungsorganisation, Schwerte)