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Nerve (2011)

Nerve is a thought experiment of Wolfram Lakaszus and Monika Ortmann on the occasion of the Lange Nacht der Museen (long night of museums) in Berlin.

The Network of knots and edges of Monika Ortmann is actually a stand-alone space installation. Depending on the beholder the form associates either the net of a huge insect or the macroscopic depiction of a brain detail.

Usually the beholders beware of touching the Ortmann installation (at least as long as nobody takes a look).

But the installation of  both  Bochum artists in Berlin fills nearly the whole room. It is hardly possible to look at the installation close by, without getting in contact with it ...

... and then it happens: The net begins to swing and awakes to life spectacularly.

It is like waking up the insect or frightening the outsized synapses. The room is filling with dazzling light and shrillness.


The visitors find out quickly, that they aren't caught by something dangerous. The sounds and the light seem to be in a strict causal context with the swinging net.

The visitor realizes the characteristic of a new music instrument in the installation and starts with its investigation.


Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Berlin 2011

colleagues involved

Monika Ortmann