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    Dr. Thomas Bergener

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    Dr. Thomas Bergener

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    Dr. Thomas Bergener

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    Dr. Thomas Bergener


Many people were living in the house.

Now it is given up.

Its former inhabitants took out the whole moveable goods. Only the wall and the groundfloor are evidence of the past life in the house.

Dust has spread.

Sunlight had intensified the yellow patina of the rooms.

 Wetness forces its way. Insects and spiders populate the house.

There seems to nest a particularly big one in a boundary area of the house. It built a cocoon of dark knots and threads.

Such big nests are extremely rare in our part of the world. Therefore they do arouse our inquiring mind. Where is its origin? Why is it spreading in this area?  Is it a clutch or is it a food reservoir? Is it dangerous? Is it the creature or is there lurking its architect?

The brave amoung the explorers will approach close by the figure. Very close. Close enough to touch it.

They will promptly discover that it contents life. They will find out, that the Nest has a lock on its room. The Nest lets the room talk with sounds to the explorers.


The installation of the Nest is based on the concept of NERVE 2011, a cooperation of Monika Ortmann and me presented in the course of the Langen Nacht der Museen (long nights of the museums) in Berlin.


zwischenraumzwischenzeit, Bochum 2013

colleagues involved

Monika Ortmann

sponsored by

Stiftung Kulturhauptstadt RUHR.2010
Stadt Bochum