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    Dr. Thomas Bergener

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    Dr. Thomas Bergener

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    Dr. Thomas Bergener


A training classroom of the sixties.

The Plattevorderholzvertäfelung (board in front of the wood panelling) appears to the visitor as a fallen off piece of the wooden panelling.

Perhaps also as an element of a piece of furniture.forgotten during the move.

The room seems to be empty - but a note at the entrance refers to the existance of an item to display ... 

Had the item been forgotten? Hadn't it been ready in time? Or should the board be the work of art?

Is it legitimate to comment on a totally out of date panelling with a square board?

The fourth dimension of the board will only be discovered by the real disrespectful visitor. The sound.

Assumed he is the first daring to step onto the board - or touches it at least.

In this case starts a row inside the room. The visitor discovers soon, that he is able to control this row. Persons less brave have to be satisfied with the three dimensional presence of the Plattevorderholzvertäfelung in front of the wall.

Unless they learned from a disrespectful visitor.

Unless they had been witness of a dancer "playing" the unusual instrument with her body.


zwischenraumzwischenzeit, Bochum 2013

colleagues involved

Adriana Kocijan

sponsored by

Stiftung Kulturhauptstadt RUHR.2010
Stadt Bochum