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    Dr. Thomas Bergener

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    Dr. Thomas Bergener


If we think about a police building and the cellar inside, what do we - as cinema-goer, as viewer of thrillers, as newspaper reader - associate with?

What do we expect, to descent to such a cellar, if there is the possibility to?

The cellar of the accomodation  house is dark.

A long hallway, at the ceiling are fixed numerous tubes and cables in different thickness.

Fluorescent strips are showing the way through the passage.

A few doors are breaking the long walls.

The light is sallow reddish.

The air ist cool and damp.

There can be heard strange sounds beside the own steps.

Steps of invisible attenders. Shouts of unknown animal species. A distant ripple. Voices of unknown origin.

A detour leads through a chain of yellow tiled rooms. Shower heads in the ceiling recall embarrassing memories.


zwischenraumzwischenzeit, Bochum 2013

sponsored by

Stiftung Kulturhauptstadt RUHR.2010
Stadt Bochum