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Sonic Transfer

Securis et Malleus

At two meetingpoints of culture and education far away from each other are installed two machines made of steel.
Both machines - Securis and Malleus - are related to one another. They look similar like siblings do.

Both machines are able to produce sounds.


Those who know them, realize the subtle distinction of the individual personalities.

The machines seem to be in contact in a mysterios way even via the great distance and the chanel Brüssel-Willebroek.


Securis - the machine installed in the park of the ancient royal hunting seat Koningsteen - owns an accessible character.
Like its sibling it is apparently made of an ancient cartwheel to which are grown several sound producing limbs.
A handle invites people to interact.
Using the handle the machine creates a characteristically harsh rhythmical sound.


Totally different is Malleus - the machine installed on the island of the historic Alte Pastorei (old vicarage). It is located very difficult to access.
It doesn't appreciate being touched.

But this machine also is able to produce a characteristical sound. Every now and then it shows apparently abrupt its musical sense.

The relationship of the siblings

Both machines are in close contact to eachother.

Every time when a person uses the handle of Securis in the Oxdonkstraat, it is sensed by the sibling Malleus in the Kerkstraat and it also starts to play music.

Malleus reagiert auf Securis


The secret of the siblings

The spiritual secret:

Securis et Malleus were created at the same place, at the same time, of the same hands.
They do have a tense relationship which is extremely intense because they had been installed away from each other. Both locations yet are full of spiritual energy (Koningsteen in an esoteric mode and the Alte Pastorei in a christian mode).
Securis et Malleus are separated by a waterway and a water cycle.
By help of their tachyon-antenna Securis et Malleus are keeping immaterial contact though there are unnatural energy barriers.

The scientific secret

The paradigm of ratio and science let us perceive the secret of both in an other way. Both sculptures made of by Wolfram Lakaszus are cross-linked via internet. Sensors inside the sculpture of Securis perceive, whether, in which direction and in what speed the handle is used. A microcontroller inside the head of the sculpture forms a signal out of the raw data analyzed of a computer in the office of the hunting seat and send to a server in Wuppertal.
The status of Securis - in active (or in passive) state is always kept at hand by the server in Wuppertal.
A second computer, installed in the office of the Alte Pastorei, recalls the data of the active (or passive) state Securis every second.
If Securis is in action, this computer gives the corresponding control command to the micro controller, which in turn moves Malleus appropriately (direction, speed).  


In the course of WEGVANWATER

colleagues involved

Securis et Malleus were created in close cooperation with Peter Amann (in his workshop in Solingen).

sponsored by

Province of Flämisch-Brabant