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The rooms in the Alte Pastorei (old vicarage) in Kapelle op den Bos (20 km north of Brussels) are a challenge to the organizer of exhibitions. A lot of small rooms, many corners and angles are restricting the possibilities.

Our belgian colleague Pierre Bogaerts had the idea of a coorporation sceem relating an exceedingly difficult corner. We once again reduced the already small staircase. We established a new room.

The room is nearly square. The visitors can't enter the room, but a crate and many peepholes and spotting scopes allow them to look from inside the building into the room.

Looking through the crate you find yourself live outside in - behind bars.
 Inside (?) opposite the crate is a mirror, raising the question for the perspective.

Looking through the endoscopes and the holes into the inside of the room, you receive a new impression of the outside of the room. 

Not moving and apparently moving pictures of the direct surrounding of the Alte Pastorei turn the peepholes and spotting scopes into surrealistic windows of the community center.


In the course of WEGVANWATER

colleagues involved

Pierre Bogaerts (B), Myriam Bruls (B), Werner Kollhoff (D), Wolfram Lakaszus (D)

sponsored by

Province of Flemish-Brabant