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The installation KlangWaage (sounding scales) was developed for the play In the mood of wave in the course of duistanz.

duistanz is a dancing project of  Kaiser Antonino & Guest Artists (The Roof-TanzRaum).

In summer 2013 were developed five evening events under public attention in the Garten der Erinnerung (garden of memories) of Dani Karavan in Duisburg and presented to a big auditory that mostly hadn't taken interest in modern dance so far.

In the middle of the  Garten der Erinnerung on a steel platform are throned old warehouse scales.

Nearly every visitor to the park already had wondered whether the scales are still working and climbed them to answer this question.

Usually the visitor is disappointed. The index remains rigid. Only the platform seems to swing a little.

Also during our rehearsals for the duistanz production, we watched people following the question experimentally.


Therefore it was obvious to revive the scales with my own means at least temporarily.

For that I prepared a sound pattern based on the accordion sounds of Marko Kassls and installed sensors to the old scales.

The old scales became a music instrument for one day. True, it was not easy to learn. The summer weather heated the scales and the platform underneath so that the reaction behaviour of the instrument always changed a little all day long.

To play the instrument, you only had to step onto the platform. Shifting the weight cleverly there could be controlled four different parts of the instrument (sampler).

The KlangWaage was adjusted very sensitive. Body control was in demand. 


duistanz1 - In the mood of wave

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The Roof-TanzRaum