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From time to time the local artists may exhibit in the municipal art museum, too.

The this year's advertisement for the Zwischenbilanz had the title SpielRaum (german pun: room to move, scope, margin, play, margin of discretion).

In the thematic exhibition the members of the bochumerkünstlerbund were asked to look into the various meanings of the term SpielRaum (room to move) by interactive artworks.

It was not only because there were loads of challenges inherent in the area provided for the presentation (it consists of the foyer, the gastronomy and the toilet area and a big gateway, primarily used for the work with school classes), but especially therefore, because some of the members of the bochumerkünstlerbund generally thought about the requirements and the relevance of locations for art presentation, a growing group of at first four and meanwhile eight colleagues teamed up to fathom out the subject, room for art, generally, and the scope of discretion of the advertisement rules, especially.

The application with the title FLUR'14 was generated.

The precise solution of the acornym is - like the project idea and the play - in a constant state of flux. Up to now the three alternatives fusce lorem ut risus, fermentum urna leo rutrum as well as fraktal ludens urban Richtungen were used.

The game started already in the constituent project meeting.

Subject of the game is the identification, documentation and evaluation of the Bochumer Kristallisationspunkte für Kunst (Bochum focal point for art) (the corridor of the museum offered to the artists can be counted among them with every justification).

Unfortunately our proposal was defeated by the jury. However, because the jury liked our game very much, we are now part of the exhibition. Without being part of it is not yet clear to neither the team nor the jury what this actually means now. However, for the project team it is a welcome twist in the constant game course.

The blog was established, so that the involved, the not yet involved and the outsiders have a chance to comprehend (or at least to admire ) the game.

Persons who have questions and relevant informations, use the appropriate communication offer there, please.


SpielRaum – Zwischenbilanz des bochumerkünstlerbundes 2014

colleagues involved

Henning Dahlhaus │Christian Gode │Sabine Hey │Wolfram Lakaszus │Renato Liermann │Gabi Moll │ Solmund Schnell │Uwe Siemens