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Semaphora @ Lichte Momente

In the shop-window of a venerable restorer of furnitures is standing a big bell jar.

Inside is hanging a strange small creature fidgeting on a thread. Its outside focuses the phantasy on extraterrestrial life,  maybe stranded here and exhibited under a protective atmosphere.

Quickly on realizes, that presence of the curious observer is known to the small creature and that it obviously tries to make contact.

It seems to react on the motions and gestures of the spectator - and sometimes it seems trying to imitate his movements (particularly when it could recognise a Psi-Pose before).

From time to time the intensive interaction between creature and human counterpart causes confusion to the other passerbys, not comprehending why someone is suddenly fidgeting and dancing in front of the shop-window of a venerable furniture restorer.


Lichte Momente 2011