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DIN 19533

We are in Schwerte - on meadows between the former Rohrmeisterei (tube production) and the shore of the Ruhr.

The Rohrmeisterei -  used as a pump station for the drinking water supply since 1890 and frequently used otherwise since 1924 - was just decked out. The project of a citizen foundation newly founded has prevented that the actually monument protected building delapidates to ruins.

The building activities are finished for a long time, but on the Ruhrplateau behind the house arises a mountain of contaminated excavated material and debris.
The decision on who would like to take on the responsibility for the disposal of the problematic waste  is delayed already more than a year.

A local artist and her colleague from out of town working many times on the spot started a conversation with the citizens of Schwerte in the face of the mountain.

Of resident and artist frustration quickly arose a citizens' initiative:

Tenor: If the garbage shall remain there, we then will rearrange it for us to most beautyful art.

It was born the Land-Art-Projekt DIN 19533. The project borrows its title from the inscription on a standardized plastic tube laying about the meadow.


In three phases the residents and initiative artists created their park and started designing it.


In Phase 349ft (since 12th April 2004) we planted nice little, home grown plastic tube trees on the mountain. Our really elegant little trees were the first which seemed to cope with the contaminated debris, 

With bent signs of constructor which we also pulled out of the rubble, we could set up even a significant labelling of our work.

Unfortunately, others hadn't appreciated our initiative. We found our young little trees already uprooted only a few hours after our extremely exhausting planting work in pouring rain. Vandalism? Had the degree of contamination been the reason  for the dreadful uprooting?

The agile citizen-artist-design-team needed a rest to heal the pain occured.

A few weeks later, the time has come again.

In Phase 586ft (since 17th May 2004) wie moved to the back of the park.

This area seemed to be more lasting for our work planned; there the stining nettles were grown already six feet high and the circumstances of the premature death of our nice little tree of the phase before were still unsettled.

Our hopes was completely realized. The installation remained unchanged. The photos speak for the beauty and elegance of our installation.



After an honourable waiting period the responsible citizen-artist-design-team determined that it is appropriate to convert the park into a new phase.

Inspired by the everywhere developing willow domes, we completed in  Phase 260ft (since 16th July 2004) a PE-HD-plastic drinking water pipe dome inviting to a contemplative absorption.