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Brückenschlag (bridging)

Exploring the structurally engineered processes it is understood that the measure of the different loads is important.

Corresponding sensors are used to it depending on problem.

It was a test bridge which serves as an experimental ground to Achim Bleicher for his thesis Aktive Schwingungskontrolle einer Spannbandbrücke mit pneumatischen Aktuatoren (active vibration control of a stressed-ribbon bridge with pneumatic actuators).

The system was still in the construction. Among other things acceleration sensors were already built in, which should make comprehensible the vibration behaviour of the bridge.

Naturally the media artist was only interested indirectly in the data tables resulting of it.

Instead of that he interposed his own electronic system and transformed the signals into sounds now.

Like the research of the bridge of Achim Bleicher, his own examinations still stood at the beginning, too, but his first interaction scheme and some sound samples  became in the context of the Lange Nacht - also in the narrower sense of the word - experienceable.


Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (long night of the sciences), Berlin 2007

colleagues involved

TU Berlin
Institut für Bauingenieurwesen - Massivbau
Achim Bleicher
Wilfried Walkowiak