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In the early summer of 2007 Solingen celebrated duly the completion of two more building projects initiated in the context of the Regionale 2006.

It is about the new station Solingen-Mitte and the newly designed Graf-Wilhelm-Platz/Stadtteilplatz.

Both projects are changing in a not unsignificant degree the habit and the quality of life of the citizens.

The new station optimises the routes of the public transport and improves the interface between bus and rail traffic. The improved access possibilities of the travelers in short-distance is opposite - in the other scale-pan - to a reduced quality of those customers who up to now walked from the former station to the city centre,  approx. 750 m distant. The future footpath leads along a federal road busy used.

The bus terminal which was settled there until now had to give way to the renovation of the Graf-Wilhelm-Place. In future, the transfer  of the bus terminal of almost 100 m makes a more clearly arranged change possible to the citizens. However, there is more room for more quality of life, more markets and events in the city centre. The preservation the two-part area strengthens the flexibility for envents of different size.

The successful completion of the building projects influencing the urban life so much, shall be celebrated in a dignified manner.

The event shall be supported by a light-(art)-installation at the suggestion of the Solinger Kunstverein e. V. (Artist union of Solingen).

A new way to the city centre and with that a challenge for us citizens arises from the transfer of the S-Bahn-stop.

The leaving of usual ways - respectively the detection of and the getting into new ways - is one of the big challenges for us human beings.

Particularly, when the change was external induced. We suddenly detect practised rituals. Lack of self-confidence and anxiety are arising.
We need time for the process of changing habits - for the required adaptation of the rituals.

We would like to remind of the change, even if the new way is intiutively known to the persons knowing the place well. The wilful perception of a change facilitates and accelerates its adaption.

The installation gives visual escort by a coloured guide beam, approx. 475 m long, along the new way from the stop to the entrance to the pedestrian precinct, to every passer-by leaving the station "Mitte" (centre) towards the city centre.

The beam shows the way to the "right" direction. It goes straigtaway above the street, through the room between the aerial lines of the buses and the roofs of the neighbouring buildings.

The Laserweiser (laser pointer) works from nightfall to the late night.


1. Solinger Lichternacht 2007 (First Night of the lights of Solingen)