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NoTrumpet – Ceci n'est pas une trompette

In 2014, the last remaining Freiformschmiede (open die forge) in the valley of the Ennepe was 100 years old. The almost as old manufacturing facilities are still the basis of the tool factory Krenzer.

The Kunstraum EN took the celebration as an opportunity for an international exhibition project.

Twelve artists from Norway, Belgium and Germany presented in the old forge and in the adjacent forest their statements to the anniversary.

Together with the colleague Peter Amann from Solingen Wolfram Lakaszus developed a sound installation. A discreet machine with a rugged and weighty appearance.

Similarly, functioning as the modern computer-based drum machines, the NoTrumpet produced the percussive sound carpet for the festivities.

In the turbine channel of the factory hovering, the steely tone wheel played in cycles, which were determined by the inflow of water from the Ennepe in the the hammer pond (whenever a sufficient amount of water has accumulated in the pond, it is passed through the turbine back to the Ennepe).


100 jears anniversary of Krenzer Hammer

colleagues involved

Peter Amann