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Spiritus Huber

In Hafenmund, lies the old side-wheel towing steamer named Oscar Huber. Almost 100 yearsago it was built in Duisburg.

Almost 44 years ago, the ship was used to pull cargo barges. Spiritus Huber was renamed several times, intentionally sinked in the river Rhine, it `heart´ made of coal was ripped out and replaced by an oil machine. The ship was even used as a party location for a couple of years. After years of exhausting drudgery, Spiritus Huber was set out of service. It was tied to the waterside. Deprived by its engine power, the ship has served as museum since. Hundreds of voyeurs interested in industrial history explore its inside. 

Spiritus Huber only finds its peace suring the winter time.

However, something seems to go on with the lifeless appearing ship. Visitors with a sense of sensibility will perceive every now and then a disturbing presence. 

What has remained? - Is it the ghost of the ship, the spiritus loci of of the ship RK XIV - Oscar Huber?

Ido Aharon and Wolfram Lakaszus together with their students of the University Rhein-Waal set out to find an answer.

In search of the Spiritus Huber.

With a sharp mind and scientific as well as artistical competence, the ship and its aura were investgated. 

The interdisciplinary team, which consisted of approximately 15 people, started its work with the use of the most recent and modern research methods. They developed their own special detection devices and started the `ghost hunt´.

And, in fact, they have found what they have searched for.

The findings have to be understood - research and consultation taked time.

Nevertheless, Iurgel and Lakaszus went to the public, after all, the Duisburger Akzente promise to have a critical and culturally disposed udience.

For the first time, and by means of the detection device, industrial - and cultural interested laypeople can make their own impression.


While walking along the Ruhr, Iurgel and Lakaszus got the hint that Oscar Huber might be special and worth  investigating, by a concerned citizen. 

After finding several other stories surrounding the Oscar Huber, they eventually obtained a link XXXX to a website of private ghost hunters. From then onwards it was clear: The Oscar Huber became the topic of the master program of their students. 


Amateur researchers provided their own developed Software KLJ-3000 for free.

Users however, need a functional smartphone or tablett with an operating android  system.

If interested, search for KLJ-3000 in the Google Play Store.

Use is at your own risk!

colleagues involved

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ido Aharon Iurgel, Adriana Kocijan
Digital Media (Master): Shehroz Alam, Kathrin Eichelberger, Kai Gau, Maximilian Heger, Elvira Kalinowski, Tobias Möller, Christopher Quant, Saskia Rühmkorf, Dominique Schulte, Christian Spieß, Alicia van der Zwaag, Lilian Wittig, Johnathan Yen
Media- and computer science (Bachelor): Jennifer Agar, Adrian Beckmann, Nicolas Fischöder, Jennifer Janicki, Sven Nehls, Denis Paris, Jens Schwalenberg

sponsored by

37. Duisburger Akzente