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    Fabian Hochscheid

Visual Echo

Visual Echo is a space-consuming sound installation.

Unlike to the supposed, it does not generate sounds.

However, the recipients will take over the sound generating part, provoked by the acoustic sensitivity of the installation.

Like a measuring instrument, the installation reacts with increasing intensity on noise inside the room. According to the sound pattern colourful lights originate in the balls. Above all volume and impulsiveness influence the visual effects.

It depends on the visitors in which way the sounds will be generated. Language, chant, shouting, whisper, clapping, knocking, stampers - everything generates a visual echo.

The "quality" of the installation - the interaction between space presence, play and light play - determines with the creativity and the courage of her users.

Learning processes can be watched in many cases. Thus the manner of utilization is taken over with pleasure from predecessors, up to the moment in which again somebody enters the room as the first and can explore the installation on himself indipendently and can invent a new interesting dialogue scheme.


The technical concept laying behind the installation was developed in the course of the Residenz-Projekt Stadt-Land-Fluss-Kultur of the Lokal Harmonie in Duisburg Ruhrort.

The SLFK Project (Stadt-Land-Fluss-Kultur) `imported´ artists who collaborated with the local team.

Instead of artists, the 5. Resident cooperated with students from the University of Rhein Waal in Kamp-Lintfort.

Overall, four projects were achieved in the winter semester 2015/ 2016 - Visual Echo is one of them.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ido Aharon Iurgel and his digital media students Jonathan Yen, Katrin Eichelberger, Shehroz Alam, Tobias Möller and Dominik Schulte were not just interested to create an aesthetic form. More importantly, it was the aim to create components for the installation which were flexible and robust enough to rebuild at different places.

For this purpose, the FabLab of the university did its best. The created prototype was able to maintain its position while being presented to the university, at the `Lokal Harmonie´ in Duisburg, within the scope of the festival of ten years of existence of the `Güterhallen´ in Solingen, as well as at the exhibitions pf the `Kunstraum EN´  in a former office villa in Wetter.



Stadt Land Fluss Kultur Vol. II - Residenz IV

colleagues involved

Ido Aharon Iurgel – Jonathan Yen, Katrin Eichelberger, Shehroz Alam, Tobias Möller und Dominik Schulte