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KellerWetter was a temporary in-situ installation made of light and sound.

The basement of a vacant Kontor building of a former foundry in Wetter an der Ruhr:
Nowadays, it is damp, cold, with many strange sounds, characterized by the dirt of many decades, and in stark contrast now to the former building which was also used as a gallery.

Wolfram Lakaszus was inspired by the sometimes very explicits sounds of the sewer pipes. This is obvious when visitors witness the use of the upstairs bathroom - this often divides opinions. 

Whereas the sound evokes fear in some it also invites others to linger. Quite evidently, experiences and expectations play a huge role in the understanding of the installation.

The introduced sounds are oriented around the present hisses and the sporadic murmurs of the building. They act as a lense on the other `natural´ sounds.

The light sources of the accessible parts of the basement were replaced by historical ones from the 1940s.

Light was missing in the remaining windowless rooms, this was a good opportunity to install electroluminescence threads to play with the geometry of this also particularly humid cellar zone .




12 Räume - project of the `Kunstraum EN´