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    Fabian Hochscheid

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    Fabian Hochscheid


The nxnwfestival sound & unsound #2 was in 2016 guest of the Kölner Kunstwerk - the biggest House of artists in Germany with 150 artists.

The Kunstwerk took part simultaneously in the Kölner Museumsnacht (Cologne Night of  museums).

Hence, both hosts had the idea to mix their artists - thus it came to a blind date between Wolfram Lakaszus and Gabriele Sädler who decided spontaneously, to add experimetally a tonal dimension to Sädlers current (Material Art) work.

For this purpose Lakaszus takes advantage in the high request of the textile works of Sädler:
The hardly resistable urge to touch the works.


nxnwfestival sound & unsound #2, Museumsnacht Köln 2016

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Gabriele Sädler

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nxnwfestival sound & unsound #2