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Kurbelfische in the Kitsch-Bude

The "Bude" (kiosk), called in the Ruhr Area "Seltersbude" (soda kiosk), is part of the Ruhr area identity. It also left its mark on the face of the "Revier" (district) like the industrial plants. In 1900 there were nearly 500 Buden in the Ruhr Area, but today there are about 17 000, a really gigantic number.

The Kitsch-Bude built in 1929 at the Castroper Hellweg 365, represents at the entrance of Gerthe, a particularly rare copy of this species; since 1996 it is a monument of the social and industrial history of the city.

 I quote the list of monuments of the city of Bochum:

"... For preservation and use speak scientifically-making historical and functional-urban development reasons. The careful arrangement of architecture is conspicuous in moderately expressive forms at the kiosk. 
Particularly the portico has to be called, with the pillars widening at the top and the crystalline form of the attica.
The design of the kiosk is a reminiscence of a small gatehouse or a park architecture and shows the effort to improve the urban development situation opposite the big tram depot of the Westfälischen Straßenbahnen GmbH and make it more attractive, by a little green space surrounded by trees.
A neat assembly point was created for persons changing shifts and tram guests."

The new cultural portal Portal für Gerthe is presented to the public for the first time by the interactive exhibition "Kurbelfische" of Monika Ortmann and Wolfram Lakaszus.

A project with direction-setting character for this location.

Together with the organizing Institution of the Bochum Kulturrat e. V. the creative artists of the north of Bochum strive for maintaining the "Kitsch-Bude", to bring it to a sensible use and fill it with creative life.

We may be curious about the further development of this former Trinkhalle (refreshment room) and waiting room!

Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers
Deputy Mayor of the city of Bochum for culture, education and science


For more information obout the Kurbelfisch: Object


colleagues involved

Monika Ortmann, Bochum

sponsored by

Stadt Bochum
Stadtwerke Bochum
Bochumer Kulturrat e.V.