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The lake inside the Kluterthöhle (Klutert cave) isn't visible for the inexperienced visitor.

Its water is totally clear and it lies as well motionlessly in the basin partially three meters deep.

In it live shy, nearly invisible crustaceans ...
... and an ostriche-like, metal creature.

The latter was even shier than the small crustaceans. It had never shown man. Even the participants of the regularly guided adventure tours never got sight of it.

Only Wolfram Lakaszus claimed that it exists and that he knows how to lure it out. But he also preserved a secret of the how.

And so it came to pass that the jury of the Starke-Orte-Ausstellung Höhlenkunst 2012 (great-places-exhibition cave art 2012) forced Mister Lakaszus to lay his cards on the table. His proposal to lure the animal out was granted without further ado.


Even the hard-bitten media representatives of the local Blogs didn't find out how Wolfram Lakaszus then really managed to take away the shyness of the animal for some time.


About seven weeks (from the end of April until the beginning of June 2012) the ostriche-like metal creature flirted with the visitors of the cave.

As soon as a visitor approached it came up from the depth and appeared on the shallow shore for the lake.

It waited that the cave visitor budged.

Even at the smallest sound of a cave visitor it started to purr and wafted intensely with its paddle-like tail. The lake formed waves.

And so it came to pass that even the most ignorant visitor became aware of the presence of the lake.


Unfortunately the creature wasn't seen in the cave since the beginning of June 2012. The creature disappeared again in the wide network of cave corridors in chronological coincidence with the end of Höhlenkunst 2012.

Till this day nobody managed to lure it out again. Only Lakaszus claimed that he would surely be able to for an appropriate fee.


Starke Orte - Höhlenkunst 2012, Ennepetalk

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