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A wiry nature.

It welcomes the visitor by turning interestedly to him or her.

It is sociably and takes on the initiative gesticulating eagerly to new friendship.

It is absolutely harmless as long as it stays at his knothole.

The Alraun (mandrake)

It is legend, that it grows a mandrake or a "gallow man" at the place where a heir thief - to whom the stealing is passed on by a thief family or whoms mother had stolen, or was longing for it, while pregnant with him - and who is a pure youngling (after others: if he is innocent but declares himself for a thief in the torture) had been hanged and passed water (aut sperma in ferram effundit).

At the top it has wide leaves and yellow blossoms. Excavating it means great danger, because, if it is torn out it groans, howls and screams horrificly so that anybody who excavates it soon must die.

To get it one has to close ones ears with cotton, wax or tar pitch and go out on a Friday before dawn accompanied by a totally black dog, without any coloured spot on its body, and make the sign of the cross three times over the mandrake and dig off the earth around it, so that the roots only stick to the ground by a few fibres.

After that one has to bind it to the dog's tail, show him a piece of bread and run away hastily. The dog, greedy for the bread, follows and tears out the root but hit by the groaning screams drops dead soon afterwards.

Hereunto one takes it, washes it with red wine, wraps it into white and red silk material, puts it into a casket, baths it every Friday and gives it a new white shirt every new moon.

If one asks the mandrake now so it answers and reveals future and secret things to welfare and prospering. From now on the owner has no enemies, can't become poor and if he has no children, so there will be a large number of children. A coin deposited by night doubles in the morning; One will long enjoy its service and make sure that it doesn't stick out or die by not overloading it. Half a Taler or a ducat is the highest deposited boldly every night but not always, but only rare.

If the owner of the "gallow man" dies, then the youngest son inherits it, however,  he must have a piece of bread and a coin put into the coffin of his father and bury it  with it.

If the heir dies before the father, then it falls to the oldest son but the youngest one must also be buried with bread and money.

Brothers Grimm, Deutsche Sagen (German legends)


On a steel pillar (131cm)
Beech wood crate
Radar sensors
Micro controller

20 x 15 x 29cm