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Abruptly the Feldstecher (binoculars) is showing the world in black and white.

Dependant on its justification at the tripod, there jerkily emerges an other - strange perspective into view.

Confusing views of the room are to discover.

Sometimes the observer sees himself while observing, sometimes he sees parts of the room surrounding. The observer never sees the picture expected.

Now and then there are also appearing round and fat insects.
The uncle of a friend pretended to see yellow mise. When he saw elephants, it didn't take long until ...


The compass-sensor inside the binoculars are able to differentiate between eight directions and reports the direction identified to the small computer inside a small crate at the wall.

The small computer in turn controls a small camera inside the box by help of little motors.


2 Microcontroller
Miniature monitors of an eyepiece lens of two old camcorders
Wooden crate (old drawer)
Miniature camera
Control electronics
Light-emitting diodes