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The Kurbelfisch (crank fish) (Piscaius circumagi)

The Kurbelfisch probably originates from the deep imaginary waters. Its slim body made of alumina has already gone through fire at its birth.

Being native to the air layers of the surreal space, it goes to the real room only hesitantly. Therefore it becomes only rare visually experienceable for us humans.

As a creature of the five elements and of just as many dimensions its creativeness differs considerably of its "fellow species" in the real world.

In the real space it is appearing either single or in the swarm with approx. 100 copies.

It can be identified clearly by its brightly red colour, fully-grown it can reach a size of 35 cm.

In the real world it often behaves like being dead.

Only by its symbiont - the Kurbeler after which it also is named - visible life flashes across its clay body, and active bustle wakes the swarm.

(encyclopaedia of the surreal creatures)

colleagues involved

Monika Ortmann


wooden box
coffee grinder crank
clay fish