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Akkordeon01 and Akkordeon02

Akkordeon01 & Akkordeon02 (Accordions) was developed within the scope of the project duistanz and About Sky(s).

The dance production of Kaiser Antonino & Guest Artists (The Roof-TanzRaum) was created during summer 2013. This happend under public attention in the Garten der Erinnerung (garden of memories) of Dani Karavan in Duisburg.

Altogether five evening events were developed and presented to a big auditory that mostly hadn't  taken interest in modern dance so far.

The sound of the performances are mainly based on the voice of our sopranist  Janin Roeder and on the accordion of Marko Kassl.

Roeder and Kassl developed the compositions especially for this project. Some of the sounds followed the style of the works of Luciano Berio, Alvin Curran, Rami Fortis, Georg Friedrich Händel, Toshio Hosokawa, Jim O’Rourke, Nicola Sani und Gerhard Stäbler.

To get deeper into this world of sounds, to catch the mood of the rehearsals and  performances and to let take part the numerous residents and guests of the park I developed two interactive sculptures. These sculptures could be used by our guests during the time of our activities.

These very spectacular musical instruments were created in close collaboration with  Peter Amman in whose workshop the objects gained their physical shape, additionally supported by Reiner Langer who gave the two machines their colour effect only a few hours before their first application started.
During the stage of planning the famous accordion-builder Wolfgang Bratz of Krefeld supported the project by giving some advice and by supplying with some material.

Unlike the usual accordions the Akkordeon01 & Akkordeon02 are played in a team. Both instruments aren't suitable for egomaniac solo players.

Everytime there are required two Musicians (at Akkordeon02 the best instrumentation are four players).

Although both instruments are slightly related to the classical accordion - basically they are also sound producing interruptive Aerophones - their musical capacities go far beyond that.


The playing module of the Akkordeon01 is made of an approximately 70 years old keybord discant of a classical cromatic accordion.

The lung of Akkordeon01 is made of the more than 100 years old bellows (suction pump) of a given up organ as well as the bellows of an old undated hand pulled instrument and is represented as a vacuum reservoir.

The drive had been restored by us with great energy. One of the historic leather gear-wheels was damaged. We made a technical drawing and then it was reproduced out of black acrylic by laser technology (thanks to Kay Ostermann, CEO of Lobotec GmbH, Witten, who made this possible).

New material was only used for the carriage unit.

Beside the typical sound of the free swinging striking reeds of an accordion  the Akkordeon01 offers a soft rhythm based on the humming of its crank drive as well as the gasping of its pump valves.

Akkordeon02 was focused on the need of a four players team. Beside the pump which is responsible for a soft breathing sound and additionally provides the instrument with air, two accordion players are necessary who intone, opposite to each other, their discant respectively their bass.
The team will be completed by a percussionist to whom is offered an archaic chime and a cinello by the instrument.

The air reservoir of the Akkordeon02 is made of double bellows - manufactured of  a used unit with technical faults and out of a delivery by mistake. Both kindly sold on favourable terms by Wolfgang Bratz. The double bellows are driven by a steel cable pulling mechanism. The sheaves of a given up door operator serve for the sheave pulleys of the instrument.

In Akkordeon02 also is built-in a (more than 60 years old) accordion which was repudiated by its owner. We favoured our much more powerful creation of the double bellows to the original bellows. The original bellows are still working and therefore they will surely be used in a future project.  

colleagues involved

Peter Amann, Solingen
Wolfgang Bratz, Krefeld
Rainer Langer, Dinslaken
Kay Ostermann, Lobotec GmbH, Witten


old accordions