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Das Kontraschaf

The `Kontraschaf´ - to be precise: E-Kontraschaf - is an innovative highly modern music instrument. It was developed by Wolfram Lakaszus, supported by wood designer Dieter Stein. The object reacts adequately to complaints by about blisters and calluses by double-bass players.

The instrument is played by touching its hand-caressing surface.

Its soft surface has, dependeing on playing technique, an enormous calming effect for the musicians who are in emotionally disturbed or economic critically living circumstances.

When producing the sounds the team used telepresence technologies. An `artificial intelligence´ was integrated in the Kontraschaf  having the ability to produce the sounds all over the world - on condition that a stable internet conncetion exists.

Wolfram Lakaszus counts on the techology of the `internet of things´.

For the purpose of evaluation the sound was at first produced in the Sankt Joseph church at the Dellplatz in Duisburg.

A roboter was matched with the churches organ and controlled by the touches of the Kontraschaff, this created an impressive phonetical experience.

Also, at the evening for improvised music and dance at the end of August 2015 `Duistanz3´ the Kontraschaf was presented. Unlike as in the church, this time the Kontraschaf controlled only  five synthesizers and enabled a dialogue between the clarinetist Robert Beck, the soprano singer Janin Roeder and the dancers Sergio Antonino, Mattia Cason, Alessandra Corti, Avi Kaiser, Lihito Kamiya and Valentina Moar.

colleagues involved

Dieter Stein


Intelligence: ESP8266 with 2x MPR121 (24 sensitive zones)
Fur of a black sheep
Book rest of an old and discarded school bench for primary students (artificial backbone of the Kontraschaf)