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The `Kirschenbrett´ appears initially as an elegantly designed desk.

Its polished tabletop made of cherry wood provokes contact.

Whoever is brave enough to follow the urge to touch will be surprised - the `Kirschenbrett´ responds with sounds.

Certain parts of the `Kirschenbrett´ are especially sensible to contact. Already a few centimeters before having touched its surface the object will react.

Sounds will fill the room.

The behaviour of the `Kirschenbrett´ reminds of a Theremin, the first transportable music instrument from the beginning of the past century.

Even though we are all used to wireless and mobile computers (mobile phones), it is still fascinating how the slender `Kirschenbrett´ produces these complex sounds.


The sounds - depending on the situation - are generated by computers, synthesizers, steel plates or organ- and piano robots.

Basically, the cherry wood plate is related to electronical keyboards.


Originally, the `Kirschenbrett´ was designed as an interactive exhibition piece. By now it has been repeatedly used as a music instrument (for example within the performance project Spiritus Lwa).


The `Kirschenbrett´ is now part of the project Entangled Spaces. It is a project which researches the connected art places which are far apart from each other with the means of the Internet of Things. 

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The wood was kindly donated by Dieter Stein HolzDesign.