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The Präzisionsreißzeugkasten (precision drawing instruments box) is only externally such.

In fact, inside it unites the characteristics and abilities of a sheep.

This unusual sheep is glad about being petted - like normal sheeps. It can speak loud in the language of sheeps and it stands - like many beings on the earth - in close contact with other animals. Above all he is quite taken with a certain cat and a particular bear.

Präzisionsreißzeugkasten (sheep), cat and bear work together and form the artistic installation "Felldinger".

However, in secrete the sheep (or the Präzisionsreißzeugkasten) also understands the most important language which is spoken on the Internet of Things: MQTT.

The sheep can thereby talk also with the heating in the cellar and with the lamp in the sitting room. It could exert even influence on their behaviour, if his owners would permit it to him.


Precision drawing instruments box, sheepskin rug, elektronic