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    Eugen Shkolnikov

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The Hirschbär (lit. deer bear) comes from the USA and was there in the 80th a popular speaking soft toy.

Since middle of 2016 the Hirschbär lives in Germany.

He came for health reasons to us.

The Hirschbär underwent several heavy surgeries in and at his head by Wolfram Lakaszus.

Transplants of the pine musculature and the ocular musculature as well as a new, more efficient brain were necessary.

The new brain helped the Hirschbär to tele-kinetic abilities. Now thus he can get in touch with relatives over nearly infinite vastness.

Also a surgical intervention in the belly (voice) was successful.


In the meantime, the probably recovered Hirschbär let grow his antlers and speaks perfectly 'red deerish'.


The Hirschbär is a special friend of the Platzhirsch-Festivall.

At the fourth edition of the festival - at the beginning of Septembre, 2016 - he had someone drive him again and again about the festival area to enlist sponsors of all dimensions.

For donation he said courteously thanks - 'red deerish' with winning American acccent.

Hirschbär speaks 'red deerish'

colleagues involved

Luise Hoyer


Original Teddy Ruxpin