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    André Symann

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    Heribert Kalthoff


In spring, 2017 Florian Walter  came across the Kaiser-Antonino Dance Ensemble. By order of the 38th Duisburger Akzente originated the dance production "Ankündigung" (announcement).

Wolfram Lakaszus - in the ensemble especially in charge of stage, sound and design - and Florian Walter proceeded on an investigation tour by the border area between installation art and music.

Ten new sound objects were created.

Four of the new objects are Announcers.

Externally the Announcers are related to the fanfares.

In the course of the dance production Ankündigung (Announcement) the objects took the part of greeters.

They escorted the audience through the exhibition rooms recently cleared to the performance hall of the museum DKM.

From the horns there sounded a reference to one of the pieces of music of the dance production.


After the last performance other abilities of the objects were activated.

Before the Announcers reached their new owners, three of them were presented within the scope of an exhibition in Bochum and one was brought on a trip to Zlyn in Czechia.

Today the Announcers produce sounds by touch with the hand. The sound doesn't sound locally. The objects are connected via internet.

If an owner of an Announcer touches his/her instrument, the  other three come alive. So, the spatially absent owners receive suitable news.


The Announcers were physically developed in the workshops of the Solinger Pest-Projekt.

colleagues involved

Florian Harlieb (Klänge in der Rolle als Begrüßer) (sounds in the part of greeters)
Florian Walter (Klänge in der Rolle als vernetztes Musikinstrument) (sounds in the part of a linked music instrument)
Thomas Zolper, Peter Amann (Pest-Projekt)


Music instrument scrap
Remains of heating pipe pieces
Remains of wood