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Glocal Bach

The focus of this research process lies, as with all the other choreographies, on the place where the dance takes place.

After `At Your Place´, `NON-PLACE´ and `Land Akupunktur´, Glocal Bach looks this time at  the `territory´ between the micro and macro level as well as the local and global relations within the body.

`Glokalisierung´ (a merger between the words globalization and localization) denotes the connection and the parallel existence of the multidimensional process of the globalization to its lokal respectively regional impacts and relations. It comprises political, economic, sociological and cultural dimensions.

In Hebrew, the term `Glokalisierung´  consists of the words world and place: עולמקומיות

The place is the world and the world meets at the place.

The human body has the intiutive capacity to connect the two words. If the body moves at a defined place, it is in the here and now but simultaneously in the world.

Glocal Bach discovers the fundamental movements as a whole.

The performance draws its inspiration from the perfectly structured musical compositions of Bach and shows through a parallel structure a universal background.

colleagues involved

Choreography: Avi Kaiser Sergio Antonino
Dance: Avi Kaiser, Hila Cohen, Miriam Engel, Sergio Antonino
Music: J.S. Bach, Florian Walter, Marko Kassl
Sound and Design: Wolfram Lakaszus
Photography: Giovanni Pinna

sponsored by

Ministry for Family, Children & Youth, Culture and Sports North Rhine Westphalia and the cit of Duisburg