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Wald Variationen

Wald Variationen (wood variations) is - after Carré18 - the second cooperation of

Kaisers Antonino and Guest Artists - TheRoof-Tanzraum

Behind this is the Israeli-Italian-German team, built interdisciplinary, consisting of Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino both choreographer and dancer, Wolftram Lakaszus media artist and Janin Roeder singer and actor.

The team shares many paradigm.

Besides the close form of cooperation is added primarily the target relationship between artists an audience.

As in the case of the previous common production the core of the team already got similarly extended early. This time with the three dancers Mareike Franz (ge), Lihito  Kamiya (jp) and Edoardo Ramojno (it) as well as the flutist Myriam Graulus (be).


With the Wald Variationen we explore the movements, the sounds and the architectural structure of the wood.
We try to fathom the cosmos of this special world.

Here the woods stand as a symbol for a tightly restricted world, in which the pure sound has to be felt and to be understood.

A clearly defined and wondrous world, full of diverse plants and animals, a symbol for as subtle as fragile a balance of life.

Environment nature - environment town:
From this difference the work takes energy, this difference is the fertile humus of for the "Wald Variationen".

We focus on the relationship between audience and artists and raise our awareness of our life more essential and more concentrated to the essential.