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duistanz & About Sky(s)

We think that the body as an instrument is capable to cope with the past and that it is also able to find new recipes in an intuitive way at the same time. The body owns a common universal language which is going beyond the spoken word and has the ability to create a real communication.

duistanz is a new platform for contemporary dance of the choreographers Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino, produced for a special part of the inner harbour of Duisburg, the Garten der Erinnerung (garden of memories).

End of July 2013 we open up the Garten der Erinnerung. We will establish the Ludwigsforum - the ruin of an old storehouse - as an open and public studio and a research laboratory.

The location, its residents and its users are source of inspiration and basis of our examinations. A common work results with the residents at the Garten der Erinnerung and the interested ones from the surrounding, sharing our respective cultural backgrounds, our forms of expression and our energies.  

By the open structure of the project the people acquire the Garten as a meeting place for creativity and discussion again.

Our project will deal with the specific characterics of the place and build a brigde between our life energies today and the history of the place.

Together we will once more uncover the hidden potentials of that zone, in the meanwhile seen as non-place.

The perception of the place had changed, the Genius Loci of the Garten der Erinnerung gets experienceable. 



The team  usually works in the Garten in the afternoon. In the mornings following, the experiences are transferred into forms and movements in the studio of The Roof-TanzRaum. The gradual progress is easily comprehensible for all interested ones.

The understandings and results are presentedby Wednesday, 21st August  until Sunday, 25th August.

In the meantime we determined the programme titles for the evenings:

Wednesday, 21 August, 2013, 7 p. m. Meeting the white
Thursday, 22 August, 2013, 7 p. m. In the mood of wave
Friday, 23 August, 2013, 7 p. m. The here and now
Saturday, 24 August 2013, 7 p. m. About Sky(s)1
Sunday, 25 August, 2013, 5 p. m. About Sky(s)2

We use the public room. Due to this fact the participation and being spectator are of course free.


Garten der Erinnerung of Dani Karavan

The Garten der Erinnerung is a municipal park laid out 1999 in the inner harbour of Duisburg, according to plans of Dani Karavan. It is the project most extensive until then of the country style artist in Germany.

A place which integrates religious elements (synagogue), walls of an old town, infrastructure of the trade and a home for old people, an architecture which integrates new buildings and ruins to be left.

Once there should arise a place at which people meet, a place of the discussio, a place where artists of different disciplines have their place of residence. A place at which the creativity provides strength for the renewal.

Unfortunately, these aims are already forgotten today.

Municipal zones like this exist in many places. Our mode of operation with the place and primarily with the people on the spot is prototypical.

An intensive cooperation with architects and forming artists from the Ruhr Area, Israel and Italy will provide deep and various insights into the chosen topic. The language of the body in reaction on light, room, density, noise, pollution.

About Skys involves dancers, actors and musicians to explore these urgent aspects of our life.


Psychology has primarily concentrated on the people, the examination of their "inner life" of cognitions, emotions, personality. But research results have shown, that it is impossible to understand the human behaviour without considerating the where - thus, the place where it takes place.

The architecture and the landscape do have a decisive influence on the development of our identity, our thoughts and emotions. Simultaneously man is a creature who is able to adapt the world to his desires, like no-one else, by changing the landscape and the architecture.

The body has the possibility to feel in a direct and non-verbal way, to communicate and to share energies.
Going far beyond the possibilities of language, politics, religion, nationalities.

A way by which we reach our basic instincts.

Despite the fact that a gesture has vanished already in the second in which it ended, the movement has the ability to change our perception of the surroundings where we live, in a very illustrative way.

The genius Loci is an intelligent mind or a magical strength which is inherent in a place.

Artistic interventions in the public room offer emotions and reflections by which the places get visible and utilizable better.
A place which otherwise is crossed absent-mindedly daily becomes charged and gains importance in a special way.
The artistic action on said place gets, in a specific way, more important than the public use of the place itself.

Citizens of the whole world want an influence on the behaviour pattern and the functioning of institutions wchich deal with economic, legal, social, wealth-related und cultural Questions.

"We are never unrelated to that which is happening around us, even less when we are alone our body is an organ for melting into the exterior just like a stone a lichen or a leaf."

Gianni Celati (zit. nach Lucia Citterio)

Concept and choreography:
Avi Kaiser, Sergio Antonino

Sergio Antonino, Paolo Fossa, Mareike Franz, Avi Kaiser, Lihito Kamiya, Giada Scuderi

Soprano: Janin Roeder

Accordion: Marko Kassl

Sound and design of stage: Wolfram Lakaszus

Video: Dimitri Tsantidis

Photograph: Giovanni Pinna