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    Peter Brutschin

Oh mein Gott

In the year 2005 the German-Polish project Die Dauer der Dinge (the duration of the things) formed the main emphasis of the work at the theatre Thikwa, Berlin.

Die Dauer der Dinge consisted of meetings with the Polish handicapped theatre "Offene Tür" (open door) in Warsaw, workshops, an exhibition in Berlin and the dance production Oh mein Gott, wir hatten so viel Spaß (Oh my God, we had so much fun).

While the German-Polish director Manfred Olek Witt developed the dance performance together with an international company, Wolfram Lakaszus studied the possibilities of interactive objects and interactive stage features together with handicapped and non-handicapped dancers.

Object of research was: "Mit dem Körper Musik erzeugen, statt mit dem Körper nach der Musik tanzen" (Produce music with the body instead of dancing with the body to the music).

The parallel work paid off. It arose a jointly developed interactive sound object which found move as an equipment in the choreography.

colleagues involved

Manfred Olek Witt

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Stiftung Mensch