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A research project of Adriana Kocijan and Wolfram Lakaszus.

The media artist and the performer and theatre maker test the mutual influences of the movements and the attitude on the sound  - or of the sound on the movements.

Starting point are at first two differently acting "interaction schemes" of typical installations of Wolfram Lakaszus.

  • an interactive zone which reacts to movements of the performer in it with sounds and change of light and
  • a body sensor which  influences the sounds and the light by the rhythm of the heart of the performer via remote control.

In Adrana Kocijans experiments the relation of the conditionally checkable outer sounds to the also conditionally checkable inner sounds do play a special role for the artistic and substantial expression.

The two gradually develop own language (and technical) instruments which serve as a basis for new projects.


Lakaszus and Kocijan work for the application of the acquired knowledge site-specifically. The place, its history, user and use are always included conceptionnally.

The installations (physical architecture, sound, light) as well as the performances are always also statements of the artists to the situation found.

First results are presented in the course of the Berliner Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften (Long night of sciences in Berlin) (June 2012), the Gießener Künstlerfestes Hardthof/ARThof6 (art festival Hardthof/Arthof6 in Gießen) (August 2012) and in the course of the Solinger Lichternacht (Night of light in Solingen) (September 2012).


Easter 2014 (April 19 to 24) the work took place in a semi-public space:
As part of the project Lokal-Kunst Lakaszus and Kocijan revived a week the Ennepetal pedestrian zone.


In August 2014, the project was a guest at the Platzhirsch festival in Duisburg.
For festival visitors the interactive sound installation Tonzone was established in the gallery JetztamDellplatz. Three days they had the opportunity to explore the Tonzone itself.

The highlight was the theme night on "Non-Academic noise music" in the Lehmbruckmuseum:
At the end of the festival, the installation Tonzone went from the gallery to the museum. Four professional Tonzone-Users - who had had the opportunity in the run-up to develop small choreographies - presented to the astonished public their findings.

colleagues involved

Adriana Kocijan
Elisa Marshall & Darwin Díaz
Kanako Minami
Fátima Gomes