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About Sky(s) @ Mies 1:1

One of the locationsOne of the locationsOne of the locationsOne of the locations

About Sky(s) is a dance production developed in the course of duistanz1, taking place in July and August 2013.

Therefore About Sky(s) @ Mies 1:1 is the attempt to transfer a choreography from one place to its putatively  complemantary counterpart.

The location Mies 1:1 in Krefeld and the Garten der Erinnerung (garden of memories) in Duisburg turn up for each other complementary - not only in the architectural meaning.

One of the locations shows leavings of the past, the other parts of a potential future.

Even so: They have in common the fragmentary of the architecture, their respective dialogue with nature and their concepts of the use.

The two places want to be a memory.

Architecture and landscape are formative for our identity, our thoughts and our emotions. Man is the living being who manipulates the environment in his favor by causing changes.

Places and buildings in their relation to each other define the range which leaves its mark on our life.

The body becomes the reflection of the place at which he moves.


Conception and choreography:
Avi Kaiser, Sergio Antonino

Sergio Antonino, Paolo Fossa, Mareike Franz, Avi Kaiser, Lihito Kamiya, Giada Scuderi

Sopranist: Janin Roeder

Accordion: Marko Kassl

Design of sound and stage: Wolfram Lakaszus

Video: Dimitri Tsantidis

Photograph: Giovanni Pinna

colleagues involved

With music, inspired amongst others:
Gerhard Stäbler
Luciano Berio
Georg Friedrich Händel

In cooperation:
Mies van der Rohe in Krefeld e.V.

sponsored by

Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport NRW
Kunststiftung NRW