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NON-PLACE – Dies ist kein Ort

NON-PLACE is a new global artistic brand name which is promoted through the use of various spatial media, such as dance, photography exhibition and projections.

The NON-PLACE artistic project researches relationships between top-down system planning and its implications on human daily existence.

NON-PLACE-art and the illusionary concept store, aspire to stimulate civic criticism and consciousness to the severe effects of Global Consuming culture on our common environments, such as the vast labyrinths of highways that are constructed to feed and serve the money idol.

Millions drive their polluting cars daily through cohesive labyrinths, to make money and then to spend it in adjacent shopping centers. At the same time lives of millions are severely affected by the material and spatial conditions in sick and wounded environments left behind.

The NON-PLACE-artistic products react both to specific and generic sites' conditions, and convey the sense of anonymity, disorientation and disregarding human nature and scale, all of which became the essence of our global consuming culture.

On March 2014 the first NON-PLACE temporary concept store will be inaugurated during the Akzente 2014 festival at the City-Palais shopping center in Duisburg, Germany.


A production of:

Kaiser Antonino Dance Ensemble - The Roof-TanzRaum 
35. Duisburger Akzente 2014

colleagues involved

Avi Kaiser & Sergio Antonino - choreographers - Israel/Italy
Braha Kunda - architect – Israel

Ran Biran - photographer – Israel